Tuesday, July 7, 2020

ISTT Resident Company Unveils Fog Making Security System

ISTT Resident Company Unveils Fog Making Security System

Taban Gohar Nafis Co, an ISTT resident company, unveiled its peripheral and perimeter protection system working on the basis of prevention and confrontation of thieves, at the 18th International Police and Security and Safety Equipment Exhibition (IPAS 2019).

This company has been an active K-based start-up settled at ISTT working on Electronics and Information Technologies (IT) for the past couple of years which has been able to develop different security equipment and systems.

Toban Gohar has managed to equip more than 1200 domestic gold and jewelry shops with its recent protection equipment, the Fog Making Security System.

This system has the ability to connect to the central control and monitoring units of police stations to inform them of possible threats. It can also be connected to various perimeter sensors.

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