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ISTT Resident Company Sets Up Waste Water Treatment Plant for A Tourist Town

ISTT Resident Company Sets Up Waste Water Treatment Plant for A Tourist Town

A resident company at Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Kashefan Nilfam Co, has fitted the Iranian touristic town of Sisakht from the province of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad with its Novel Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Recently the Ministry of Energy passed a statute that all tourist towns should be fitted with Waste Water Treatment Plants which eventually led to the selection of Kashefan Nilfam as a well-established company at ISTT, to implement this objective at Sisakht.

Kashefan Nilfam is one of the leading companies in designing, constructing, installing and launching novel wastewater treatment packages & plants in Iran.

This project was the first to commence after the passing of the statute and as such Kashefan Nilfam installed its Novel Waste Water Treatment Package, one of the best methods to treat wastewater, in the town of Sisakht. This plant is situated in a location entirely separate from the town, and is completely bound by an industrial chamber making it safe and secure for the environment and town inhabitants. The chamber includes special units for maintenance and remote control making it possible for the operator to monitor and control the entire system from a far.

Kashefan Nilfam Co. has to date installed more than 60 Wastewater Treatment Packages in towns and cities around Iran. This company has more than 2 decades worth of experience in the field of Water, Wastewater, and Environmental management whilst being settled at ISTT.

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