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ISTT Showcases Green Activities at Green Management Exhibition

ISTT Showcases Green Activities at Green Management Exhibition

Iran’s third exhibition for showcasing the green achievements of universities, educational institutions, research centers, and science and technology parks opened its doors to the public on October, 12th 2019 with the inclusion of Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) as an exhibitor.

This year’s exhibition included the participation of 36 universities, 10 science and technology parks and 3 research centers.

Annually, many green projects from different managerial fields including optimization of energy consumption, renewable energies, water consumption, waste and wastewater management and development of green spaces in line with their natural surroundings, have been financed by the country’s Budget and Planning organization and also different universities.

As science and technology parks encompass many start-ups and companies active in environmentally friendly resource conservation processes, their participation guarantees the showcasing of many new and innovative methods for doing business that substitute for the older more energy and resource consuming ways.

ISTT has resident companies working on green initiatives that have on numerous occasions won different domestic and international awards for their environmentally friendly properties.

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