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ISTT Resident Company Produces Migraine Mitigating Medicine

ISTT Resident Company Produces Migraine Mitigating Medicine

A resident company at Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Hakiman Shargh Co, has produced a medicinal syrup that provides pain relief to those that suffer from migraine headaches. This syrup does not offer short term relief but rather a long term solution for the pain that is associated with migraines. Patients that consume a bottle of this syrup over a period of one month can greatly reduce the occurrence of migraines for the proceeding 4 to 6 months. After this the migraines may return which can easily be remedied again by another month of medication. By using this syrup patients eliminate the need to take medication for extended periods of time by substituting short intervals of consumption to take advantage of its remedial properties.

Although this medication is chemically produced, it does not stand in the classification of pharmaceuticals. This syrup stands with holistic remedies much similar to homeopathic medicine and is thus immune from the side effects associated with other pharmaceuticals.

This medicine has been clinically tested since 2012 by Isfahan and Kerman Universities of Medical Sciences. The results show an 80% approval rate in patients claiming to have completely overcome their symptoms, and the rest of which have reported a significant reduction in pain and an overall approval.

Hakiman Shargh Co. has been a resident at ISTT since 2002 and has produced many medicines since then. The pharmaceuticals manufactured by this company have all been developed domestically and have not been copied from similar products in other parts of the world.

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