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President Rouhani visited ISTT and IRIS
President Rouhani visited ISTT and IRIS


Dr. Hassan Rouhani, honorable president of Iran, visited Isfahan Science & Technology Town (ISTT) and Isfahan Regional Center for Technology Incubators & Science Parks Development, under the auspices of UNESCO (IRIS) through his visit to Isfahan province on February 5th, 2015. President Rouhani that was accompanied by several cabinet members was briefed on the activities of ISTT, IRIS and the latest technologies of some knowledge-based companies settled in ISTT.


In recent years, the government of Iran has shown his interest to invest on knowledge-based companies and new technologies which facilitate the way of country developments, solve the country problems, and also cut its dependency to Oil & Gas. "We should move towards other sectors that have more efficacy and productivity, including modern technologies and hi-tech sciences," President Rouhani said in a meeting with a group of economic activists and investors in Isfahan province. President stressed that instead of investing in steel and other old industries, the country should shift its investments to modern technologies and new sciences, and said that we should step towards new technologies that are closer to the advanced world and reduce our problems."

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Date: 2015/02/06

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